Balance, education, and empowerment are at the             of Daly
Health & Fitness


Balance, education, and empowerment are at the heart of Daly Health & Fitness

I found that these crucial values were absolutely missing from the fitness & nutrition space. It was either ALL-IN or ALL-OUT, “no days off” or no days on. And we don’t do that here. We create balance by finding a way to exercise and make healthy choices in a way that fits in with your life

Why education? Well, it’s kinda my thing. And I firmly believe that education is empowerment. I don’t just tell you what to do. I educate you on the how and the why, so that you are empowered to make healthy choices in your daily life. This education and subsequent empowerment is the key to lifelong success and long term sustainability with your health & fitness routine. 


I created my programs to focus on educating and empowering women to find balance in their health and fitness. On building women up instead of breaking them down; empowering them to live BIG, not small.  

Fed, fit, Fierce

Fed, Fit, & Fierce is the signature 6 week fitness, nutrition, & mindset holistic coaching program that includes:

- Daily strength workouts (all you need is a pair or two of dumbbells)
- Easy to implement weekly foundational nutrition habits
- Positive mindset development work (journal reflections, mindfulness practice, & weekly bonus work)
- Weekly formal email check-ins
- Supportive daily coaching and feedback from a coach who cares

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daly trained

All you need are two pairs of dumbbells or kettlebells and resistance bands!

- 3 or 5 day/week progressive strength training program
- Warm up, mobility, & cool down ~60 min workouts
- Video demonstrations Access to me and weekly comments in TrueCoach
- 1 programmed active recovery protocol/week
- Weekly mindset reflection
- Investment of $129-149/month, cancel anytime

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one-on-one FITNESS


You need an individual approach to your fitness routine. You tell me what equipment you have, how many days/week you want to train, and complete a detailed survey explaining your individual goals and history. I create a custom workout program to fit your needs. I meet you where you are and get you where you want to be with science-based training protocols, weekly check-ins, and consistent monitoring of your workout log. You get access to me via email or text based on your preference.

- Individual movement screening & assessment
- Custom progressive strength training program based on assessments
- Warm up, specific mobility & movement prep
- Cooldown & specific recovery protocol
- Duration & sessions based on your time and goals
- Weekly adjustments based on travel schedule, equipment availability, feedback, & progress
- Video analysis & form correction
- Weekly check-ins, review & comments in TrueCoach
- Weekly mindset reflections Additional access to me via text or email
- Investment of $199/month

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nutrition coaching

one-on-one coaching

You are tired of working out without seeing your body change. You know you need to dial in your nutrition to get results. You want to feel better mentally & physically. You need someone who's knowledgable, compassionate, and supportive to hold you accountable and get you there. You will build long-term nutrition habits that are individualized for your goals. What makes this different than other "nutrition coaching" out there? The heavy focus on mindset growth. This is not a fast-track weight loss coaching program. I will help you reach your goals in a sustainable, healthy way.

- Individualized nutrition plan
- Digital tracking structure
- Weekly food log monitoring
- Recipes
- Detailed weekly coaching check-ins
- Access to me via email or text for troubleshooting
- Weekly mindset activities & reflections
- Investment of $199/month

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what's included?

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the daly designed // "all in" coaching

training. Nutrtion. Mindset. All in one package.

You want it all. I GOT YOU.

Daly Designed is my most successful, high-touch, top tier, custom coaching option. It includes training, nutrition, and mindset coaching and is the fastest and most comprehensive way to reach your goals. You get ALL of the above for a combined investment of for $259/month, (valued at $398/month!)

Why? Because I know that a combination of training, nutrition, and mindset is the best way to support my girls. I WANT to coach you in all three areas and therefore offer this package at a reduced rate.

I help you design a training, nutrition, and mindset

Gone are the days of you working out and not seeing results. You'll finally learn how to combine proper exercise structure and foundational nutritional habits to reach your health and physique goals.

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