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I'm Emily. educator + coach + entrepreneur + independent enneagram 8 + wife. 

I’m not your average health & fitness coach. I don’t do fad diets, extreme exercise protocols, or 30-day weight loss challenges. Nope.

I’m on a mission to show women that a focus on health and fitness isn’t about restriction and obsession. It’s about eating to nourish your body, exercising in a way that builds you up, and supporting your mind with reflection and positive energy.

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I help you steer clear of fad diets and the latest exercise trends and educate you with practical knowledge that actually works.

I use science-based, progressive overload principles to write you workouts that get you RESULTS -without beating you up or taking up all of your time. Because you have things to do, people to see, and a life to LIVE!

I found my calling supporting women one-on-one in the online space. I use behavioral science to help you implement nutritional habits that work WITH your life; not some unsustainable off-limits food list or meal plan.

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"Working with Emily was a dream! She tailored everything for just me. From her weekly challenges, check-ins, to her timely advise, and recommendations; Emily was responsive, compassionate, and extremely patient. Not only did she stick with me, she lead me to my goal and changed my life in unimaginable ways."

- Jodi

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